Orings and outgassing

Engineering faster pump-down and more complete evacuation of vacuum systems.

Outgassing, also called offgassing, refers to the release of gas that has become trapped, frozen, dissolved, or absorbed in another material. Outgassing is a common problem when creating, or maintaining, a clean high-vacuum environment. High-vacuum environments, as well as high temperatures, increase the rate of outgassing due to vapor pressure and an increase in chemical reactions.

With proper preparation you can drastically reduce the amount of outgassing in your vacuum system. Cleaning surfaces properly or heating individual components (a process called “bake-out”) can help virtually eliminate outgassing. One of the best ways to help reduce outgassing is the use of specifically formulated and treated o-ring installation – cleaned or vacuum baked o-rings.

Cleaned O-Rings undergo a proprietary cleaning process, designed to reduce or eliminate surface particulate contamination originating from injection-mold release agents and post-mold handling. Vacuum Baked O-Rings also go through our precision cleaning process which is then followed by an extended vacuum bake-out process. The RediVac® Vacuum Baking Process offers an added level of cleanliness assurance specifically by minimizing residual hydrocarbons and water vapor, to further reduce outgassing and residual surface contaminants. By baking-out under vacuum, we can meet or exceed the requirements of many of today’s leading scientific research facilities, beam lines, and test chambers operating HV, UHV, and EUV environments. Residual Gas Analyzation (RGA) Certification is another tool offered to ensure your parts meet the highest cleanliness standards.

RediVac® O-rings are specially processed for use in High Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum equipment. All of our fasteners and O-rings are cleaned and packaged in a certified Class 100/ISO Class 5 Cleanroom. This process is based on typical requirements for pre-cleaning elastomer seals prior to installation for vacuum service.

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Pure Tech Components is the premier UK distributor for UC Components, Inc. RediVac® line of fasteners, washers, hex nuts, and O-rings. We provide only the best specialised fasteners to a wide range of industries, including medical, food processing, optical, vacuum, semiconductor, and R&D. Partnering with us gives you the confidence and reassurance you need to concentrate on your customer’s needs without worrying or compromising on cost, quality, or customer service. Contact us today for more information or to place an order.

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