We are the premier UK distributor for UC Components, Inc. and are proud to partner with them to offer their innovative products to the UK. They have been the world leader in high vacuum hardware since 1974 and are pioneers and innovators in vented screw manufacturing, providing effective solutions for HV, UHV, EUV, and other clean-critical applications.

Center Vented Screws


Center vented screws are the fasteners of choice for high production processes in vacuum environments. These center vented screws are available in a range of metric and inch sizes, multiple head and shaft configurations, and with an array of specialty finishes to help prevent screw galling and aid in corrosion resistance.

Slot Vented Screws


Slot vented screws provide fast, efficient pump-down of HV, UHV, or EUV systems. The screw vent design allows for more thorough evacuation of virtual leaks along the threaded portions of the fasteners, as well as at the shoulders of the screws. These slot vented screws are available in numerous metric and inch sizes, and a variety of finishes are available to help prevent screw galling and aid in corrosion resistance.


Vented Flat Washers

We offer vented flat washers that are proven to be key components in the elimination of virtual leaks from HV, UHV, and EUV systems. When a screw is tightened over a flat washer, or directly into a tapped hole without a washer, volumes of gas can be trapped in the tapped hole and beneath the fastener head along the screw shaft. Over time, vibration or other factors can cause the screw to loosen, thereby releasing the trapped gas and creating a virtual leak.

These vented flat washers are available in a wide range of metric and inch sizes. Metric-measure vented flat washers are made from A2 stainless steel and are manufactured to meet DIN and ISO requirements. Inch-measure vented flat washers are manufactured from 300 series stainless steel and meet NAS 620 and AN960 standards.

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