What's At Stake? Everything.

When lives are at risk, medical equipment must be sterile and dependable.


Diseases and Viruses, including the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, have increasingly been impacting millions of people around the world. Our hospitals and healthcare workers need to be fully equipped and prepared to handle any emergency at any time.

Clean and reliable fasteners and seals are critical for medical devices. If they fail, the device will also fail. In the medical industry that can mean life or death.

Can you afford a poor fastener choice?

We are the premier UK distributor for UC Components, Inc. and we deliver solutions – vented, plated, polished, inspected, and cleanroom-ready – exactly as promised. Guaranteed.

Critical Applications

Ensure suitability for medical environments.

Prevent secondary contamination.

Conform to sterility of surfaces in various applications.

Contamination controlled throughout production process.

The right part, for the right application, right when you need it.

Part Traceability

From print to installation, every part is fully traceable, down to the last screw.

Quality Control

Our obsessive attention to detail comes from a fierce commitment to your success.

Application Expertise

Our experts are available to solve your fastener problem now.

No matter what the requirements of your medical application, we have the vacuum-ready components you need:

from silver plated screws to vented washers to vacuum-baked O-rings and more.

Ready for cutting-edge, clean-critical solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your industry? Contact us today!