Exceptional RediVac® Vented Fasteners, Nuts, Washers, and More.

We are the premier UK distributor for UC Components, Inc. RediVac® fasteners and related products for High Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum systems as well as other clean-critical applications. All key manufacturing processes are strictly controlled to ensure that all products meet the high standards of quality required in the vacuum and other clean-critical industries.

All products are available in numerous metric and inch sizes, lengths, and configurations. The standard fastener product line is offered in stainless steel with custom options available in 316/A4 SST, titanium, aluminum, alloy steels, brass, plastics, nylon and more. Choose from a range of coating and plating options (available for all fasteners, nuts, and washers), including silver, gold, and nickel plated, MoS2 and WS2 coated, electropolished and precision cleaned as well as Kolsterising®, nickel-Teflon, and many others.

RediVac® Cleaned and Vacuum-Baked O-Ring lines are available in Viton™ fluorocarbon elastomers as well as other elastomer materials, upon request.

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