Over 27 years of expertise!

Benson Associates was established in 1996 as a supplier of ceramic susceptors and quartz bell jars to the semiconductor industry. The original Benson chief engineer recognised that as these products became contaminated, they needed to be cleaned. Part of this process meant dismantling the machines and rebuilding them with cleaned parts. This entailed replacing the screws with new parts, as the screws are recommended to be ‘one use only.’


At this time, our engineer was travelling back and forth to the USA and happened upon UC Components, Inc., producers and suppliers of ‘clean’ and vented / non-vented fastener products. A business relationship was developed between the two companies. The chief engineer subsequently relocated to the USA taking his skills with the ceramic and quartz products with him, leaving just the fastener business.

At that point, Benson Associates was taken over by Lynn Dale (Aunt of current owner Nicky) who, over the years, steadily grew Benson Associates into the business it is today. When Lynn retired in 2018, she transferred the business to her niece Nicky Tuck, and stayed with the business until she had helped Nicky gain the necessary skills to run business on her own, which she has been doing for over 5 years now.

As the business continued to develop and grow, the name was changed to Pure Tech Components to better reflect the company’s focus and expertise.

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